Our Fav Desserts to Serve at a Summer BBQ

Whether you're hosting or looking for a hostess gift, these summer desserts are perfect to bring to the table. 

1. Fruit Pie
Pies are the perfect dessert for a summer barbecue. They're easy to prep, serve, and they travel well. Choose a seasonal/local fruit to truly enjoy the taste of summer. Our fruit pies do not contain dairy, and are a light choice after a heavy meal.
Pro Tip: Everyone loves pie a la mode. Enjoy our pies warmed up, room temperature, or cold. Our favourite flavours are classic apple, classic blueberry, + classic cherry. Try them with a Chardonnay, Cab Sauv, or Zinfandel.

2. Custom Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie
The perfect marriage of classic chocolate chip cookies and cake. Sometimes a cake can be too heavy to serve after a large meal, and you're in the mood for something informal. This giant chocolate chip cookie can be customized with any design and is decorated in buttercream icing. It also comes in a pizza box and travels well.
Pro Tip: Try slicing this in wedges or in squares, and is perfect when you're looking for something that doesn't need plates or cutlery. It's also delicious to serve with ice cream. Try it with a Syrah or Cab Sauv.

3. Designer Sugar Cookies
When you're looking for a hostess gift, these are IT. They're available in classic sugar cookie, gingerbread, funfetti, + cookies n cream; and are hand decorated with royal icing. Customize them into any theme, and personalize them to your host. They make the ideal gift and travel well.
Pro Tip: Serve them on a tray, with at least one per person. If there are leftovers, they freeze well. Try them with a Riesling.

Engagement Party BBQ Desserts

Engagement Party BBQ Desserts