Have your Cake and Serve it Too: How to Properly Cut a Round Cake

Nothing makes me sadder than seeing a beautiful round cake get butchered when it's time to be cut. Don't get me wrong - its a tough position to fill, but here's a helpful guide to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

The ultimate goal is to maximize your servings by cutting square shapes instead of wedges. This way each slice is just the right amount, and easy to lift onto a plate without leaving part of it behind.

TOOLS: Serving knife, Cutting knife, Rag, Pitcher of Hot Water

Step 1: With your cutting knife, go in about an inch from the edge of the cake, and cut in a circular motion around the cake. You want to create a ring (like a tree stump), forming a smaller size round cake on the inside.

Step 2: Dip your cake-covered knife into the pitcher of hot water and wipe if off with the rag before going into the cake again. With your clean cutting knife, cut square slices out of the ring of cake you just created. Depending on the height of the cake, you will determine how big you want to make the pieces. 

Pro Tip: I like to use my fingers to determine how big my slices will be. For example, a slice may be "3 fingers" wide before i make the next cut, or "2 fingers" wide if guests want just a taste.

Step 3: Using your serving knife, lift the slices you just cut, and serve onto plates. You can use your cutting knife to help balance the piece, or to make sure you don't leave anything behind. Once you plate all of the slices, repeat Steps 1 + 2 with the smaller round cake that you created. 

Pro Tip: If the cutting knife gets covered in lots of cake and becomes too difficult to cut, take hot water breaks often. A clean hot knife is #satisfyingAF when its time to cut the cake. You can even dip your rag into the water and use it to clean off the knife after each cut if you'd like.

Step 4: When you're left with the most inner circle of cake, you can now cut wedges like a pizza. Using your serving knife, lift these pieces onto plates. 

Step 5: ENJOY!!!

A diagram of how to cut a round cake properly. 

A diagram of how to cut a round cake properly.