A Pretty SWEET Experience

Last week (October 10th, to be exact), we had the privilege of meeting the chef/authors of the new cookbook SWEET - Helen Goh + Yotam Ottolenghi.

Partnered with a solid team of chefs + with the help of the UJA, we got to take part in creating four desserts from their book to be served at their Toronto book launch. Without giving away too many secrets from the amazing book, here is what we learned:

Equipment-Free, Hassle-Free, Rule-Free - the three tips for truly enjoying the recipes. And though this goes against any professional lessons we've learned over the years, it allows for stress-free execution in the kitchen.

The 4 recipes we chose to recreate:

1. Chocolate, Banana, Pecan Cookies

What we Learned: bananas don't have to be overripe but it would help with flavour, they're even better when under baked, they can be frozen in balls pre-baked or kept in air tight container after baked, the addition of pecans + confectioners sugar not only tastes amazing but looks pretty.

2. Speculaas Biscuits

What we Learned: the leftover spice mix is amazing in a tea or latte and is great to have on hand, these make your home or kitchen smell incredible while baking, you wont be able to stop yourself from eating the entire batch, if you don't have rum you can use rum extract

3. Cranberry, Oat, White Chocolate Biscuits

What we Learned: if you don't have a rolling pin or cutter, you can scoop these and flatten them, soaking the dried cranberries allow them to taste soft and plump in the cookie, orange zest gives a fantastic lingering taste that makes you crave another bite, these cookies are great for stacking + for holiday gifts.

4. Tahini and Halva Brownies 

What we Learned: savoury + sweet are a classic combination regardless of how "out there" it may seem; it's okay to under bake these as they firm up while cooling, but remain gooey; sesame isn't just for streets or bagels; tahini marbled into chocolate looks beautiful.

Most of the recipes in the book are quite exotic in comparison to classic North American desserts. They use an array of spices, fruits, + nuts in an inventive way. We can't wait to try (and eat) all of them!

Helen Goh + Yotam Ottolenghi co-authors of SWEET

Helen Goh + Yotam Ottolenghi co-authors of SWEET